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Brittle Bones and Hardened Arteries

From an article by Julius Goepp, M.D. in Life Extension, Sept. 2010 :

The cells lining your arteries (endothelial cells) can turn into bone cells as you age. Known as osteoblasts, these cells normally regulate bone formation. The unexpected discovery of osteoblasts in the endothelial lining of individuals with arterial disease was made in 1993.4 It marked a major advance in our understanding of vascular and bone disease. This finding uncovered a previously unknown link between atherosclerosis, which involves calcification of vascular tissue, and osteoporosis, which involves the decalcification of bone tissue.

… Cutting-edge research points to the central role of two key nutrients to ensure optimal calcification of your bones while preventing pathologic calcification of your arteries: vitamins D and K.


Transmuting all into gold paper

Timeless  caricature of BoE, from 1797 after they had to give up gold backing .

BoE caricature


Prof. Kotlikoff : “Let’s get real, the U.S. is bankrupt.”

Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff says U.S. government debt is not $13.5-trillion (U.S.), which is 60 per cent of current gross domestic product, as global investors and American taxpayers think, but rather 14-fold higher: $200-trillion – 840 per cent of current GDP. “The IMF is saying that, to close this fiscal gap [by taxation], would require an immediate and permanent doubling of our personal income taxes, our corporate taxes and all other federal taxes.” Finance & Development, September 2010 – A Hidden Fiscal Crisis

“Closing the fiscal gap requires a permanent annual fiscal adjustment equal to about 14 percent of U.S. GDP.”

“Data from the U.S. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) long-term alternative fiscal scenario confirm the IMF’s findings. Based on the CBO data, closing the fiscal gap requires an annual fiscal adjustment of roughly 12 percent of GDP. This is based on a 3 percent real discount rate. Using a 6 percent real discount rate lowers this figure to about 8 percent of GDP. The comparable figures for Greece are slightly lower than those for the United States, according to unpublished calculations by Stephan Moog, Christian Hagist, and Bernd Raffelheuschen of the University of Freiburg.”

… and the American household, on average, is also over $100,000 “poorer” in terms of net worth from the 2007 bubble high.

The Great Theft

From The Huffington Post: Foreclosure fraud is the only thing standing between the banks and Armageddon. 

Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1: Put Bank of America in Receivership

…. The fraudulent CEOs looted with impunity, were left in power, and were granted their fondest wish when Congress, at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Bernanke, and the bankers’ trade associations, successfully extorted the professional Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to turn the accounting rules into a farce. The FASB’s new rules allowed the banks (and the Fed, which has taken over a trillion dollars in toxic mortgages as wholly inadequate collateral) to refuse to recognize hundreds of billions of dollars of losses. This accounting scam produces enormous fictional “income” and “capital” at the banks. The fictional income produces real bonuses to the CEOs that make them even wealthier. The fictional bank capital allows the regulators to evade their statutory duties under the Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) law to close the insolvent and failing banks. …



Latest Gobal Temperatures

After another check I must say it is very difficult for an AGW sceptic to get data which is not potentially manipulated. They measure with one station for 20 years, then close it and use another station in a different area, altitude etc. or they use relative data and combine it with absolute data and then create “homogenized” data. In other words clean East Anglia science.  It looks like there is a lot of contradicting data, measured at close to or on surface and in the lower atmosphere.  There is already a flood of articles on the Net.

I trust the latest temperature data from satellites in the lower atmosphere published by Dr. Roy Spencer:

Temperature Anomalies ( they declare a period as “normal” and then compare new data to this average temp):

CRU School of Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science
University of East Anglia :

Until the 1970s, seasurface temp. observations were made entirely from ships. Different ships used different measurement methods over the years, each of which potentially had different biases. More here

Ocean Surface Temperatures of both hemispheres :

and an interesting article in Nature :

An abrupt drop in Northern Hemisphere sea surface temperature around 1970

…. Here we show that the hemispheric differences in temperature trends in the middle of the twentieth century stem largely from a rapid drop in Northern Hemisphere sea surface temperatures of about 0.3 °C between about 1968 and 1972. The timescale of the drop is shorter than that associated with either tropospheric aerosol loadings or previous characterizations of oscillatory multidecadal variability. The drop is evident in all available historical sea surface temperature data sets, is not traceable to changes in the attendant metadata, and is not linked to any known biases in surface temperature measurements. The drop is not concentrated in any discrete region of the Northern Hemisphere oceans, but its amplitude is largest over the northern North Atlantic.

Retiring CFTC Judge: We Covered Up Market Manipulation

This is Not from a new episode of Law and Order :

“There are two administrative law judges at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission: myself and the Honorable Bruce Levine. On Judge Levine’s first week on the job, nearly twenty years ago, he came into my office and stated that he had promised Wendy Gramm, then Chairwoman of the Commission, that we would never rule in a complainant’s favor. A review of his rulings will confirm that he has fulfilled his vow. Judge Levine, in the cynical guise of enforcing the rules, forces pro se complaints to run a hostile procedural gauntlet until they lose hope, and either withdraw their complaint or settle for a pittance, regardless of the merits of the case”



Fed Lockhart: Quantitative easing must be big…

WASHINGTON, Oct 19 (Reuters) – Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Dennis Lockhart said on Tuesday that further easing by the Fed has to be large enough to help boost demand ( demand for what ???) , and purchases of $100 billion of securities a month would be a possibility.

‘If we’re going to pursue another round of quantitative easing, it has to be a large enough number to make a difference,’ Lockhart said in an interview on CNBC.

‘As a monthly number ($100 billion) is fairly consistent with what we did before, and so I think it would certainly be in the range of numbers one might consider … but if you were talking about $100 billion as simply the overall program, I think that’s too small,’ he said.

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