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One year ago it started to drain, my sinus, and I had tried a couple of cures. So I was very sceptical when a friend recommended Umckaloabo, but after taking 30 drops three times daily for two weeks my chronic sinusitis was gone !

The history :

In 1897, Englishman Charles Stevens contracted pulmonary tuberculosis and left for the warmer climate of South Africa. While there he met a native healer by the name of Mike Kijitse who gave him a traditional cure known as Umckaloabo. When Mr. Stevens returned to England, his doctor pronounced him cured.

How it works : Studies have suggested that Umckaloabo exhibits both antimicrobial and immunomodulatory effects. Immunomodulatory means it changes the immune system; in this case it would cause the immune system to attack the virus or bacteria cells. Antimicrobial is a substance that inhibits or kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. If in fact the root extract of the Pelargonium sidoides did cure Charles Stevens of pulmonary tuberculosis, that means that Umcka can cure a disease caused by a bacteria, since tuberculosis is caused by bacteria. Studies have shown that Umcka has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and immune-boosting properties.

From the Zulu medicine to the European phytomedicine Umckaloabo


Comments on: "Umckaloabo … the herbal remedy for sinusitis and bronchitis from South Africa" (5)

  1. colloidal silver is an effective micro-biotic anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-viral but it does also cause necrosis of healthy organisms in the body. It doesn’t have a great effect against healthy tissues, but used in excess it can be detrimental to recovery. It is safe to swallow in moderation. The Umckaloabo was featured on Dr. Oz program in Jan ’14 for upper respiratory benefits among other. Sounds effective and affordable, this was my first exposure to its medicinal qualities although my mother used to grow the plant the root extract is derived from; African geranium.

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  3. I’ve had bronchitis for over 10 days and lost my voice. My throat is sore and I need tips and advice on how to soothe the soreness and help recuperate my voice. Thanks.

    • Rinaldo said:

      I had very good results with colloidal silver, but one must gurgle for 10 min at a time! And I do not swallow it.
      Good luck!

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