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Since I heard some acquaintances are fighting with the same problem here a follow-up on an earlier post:

Unfortunately I still was suffering from my a draining sinus until about 4  weeks ago. It was so bad that it even caused a gullet inflammation.

A friend of mine recommended me a homoeopathic sinusitis remedy containing a substance called Luffa operculata. I was told to take 20 drops every 2 h and I must say it helped almost immediately, but as soon as I stopped the drain came back. She said I must carry on a little longer and I did, with the same result.

Then I thought it might be a virus infection and remembered that L-Lysine helped me before with virus infections. So I took 1000 mg L-Lysine a day and in addition a supplement against joint inflammation, containing MSM Chondroitin sulphate and Glucosamine.

I know it might be just a placebo effect, but am almost free of any symptoms for three weeks now …


Comments on: "How I (hopefully) got rid of my chronic Sinusitis" (2)

  1. good luck and i’m very curious so let me know how it goes 4 weeks later and 8 weeks later.

  2. I’m a graphic artist and I recently did a website for Australia’s Manuka Active Jellybush Honey. I suffer from sinusitis every change of season. It’s a excruciating pain in my upper nose which then turns into a shocking migraine behind my eye. It’s so painful that even strong pain killers don’t relieve it. One night in despiration I reached for a sample tube of Active Jellybush Honey I had and put some into my nose. In less than half an hour the pain had eased substantially and soon after that it was gone completely.
    The next night I could feel the sinusitis coming on again with a cold “raw” sensation at the back of my nose so I quickly applied the honey. That night I slept extremely well and there was no sinusitis.
    Thankyou very, very much to Tyagarah Apiaries and Active Jellybush Honey for this MARVELLOUS product.
    P.S. I’m not a medic but I know that it’s not recommended if you have a allergy to pollen.
    Their website (which I designed) is

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