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and alcoholics i.e.. DHM (dihydromyricetin) a substance extracted from the Japanese Raisin Tree ( Hovenia dulcis) might reduce the effects of alcohol, prevents addiction and protects the liver. At least rodents on the drug can drink large quantities of alcohol without passing out, show fewer signs of hangover and even fail to become addicted to alcohol after weeks of drinking, researchers report in the Jan. 4 Journal of Neuroscience.

Asians knew this apparently for ages, now Western scientists confirmed it. I recommend to get a couple of trees  before they get a patent on it…

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  1. ebiochem said:

    As we know, The Korea Food & Drug Administration approved on December 2008 that extracts of the Hovenia dulcis (헛개나무) fruit can protect and help recover the liver from substances such as alcohol. The main chemical for this effect in Hovenia dulcis is Quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
    There is a commercially available dairy product in Korea called Kupffers offers 2,460 mg of Hovenia dulcis extract.
    Dihydromyricetin can be isolated from Hovenia dulcis and is under study as an alcohol antagonist and as a treatment for alcoholism.[6]

    Our can offer Hovenia dulcis extract powder 10:1. You can place order directly online and do the payment by Paypal. Here is the price link:

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