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The biggest 10 lies your dentist might have told you

This might have been the most important information for my dental health I ever came across: Two  dentists have written a book with the provocative title “Zahnarztlügen” ( Dentist lies, available only in German).  In their book they list the following statements as not true :

  • Caries is not curable
  • Brushing teeth prevents caries
  • One must see a dentist
  • Professional tooth cleaning protects from caries and periodontitis
  • Flossing protects from caries
  • Fillings protect from caries
  • Bleaching and whitening toothpaste are harmless
  • Teeth decay anyway
  • Caries and periodontitis are unavoidable
  • Third molars can move front teeth

They cite a number of studies as proof for their claims. The cited studies are listed below. They say 95% of Germans are suffering from caries although they brush their teeth daily and visit their dentist regularly. Germans are spending more money on dentists than anybody else on the planet. They also say that dentist visits carry a high risks. That I can confirm, during a normal check up I catched the worst gingival infection of my entire life and then the dentist sent me from one expert to the next. It had cost me a fortune.

Unfortunately this information comes a bit late for most of my teeth, the good news is that existing caries can even be reversed, the enamel can be remineralized.


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