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Stubborn diarrhea lasting three weeks

Had seen a gastroenterologist, he had no clue.  Heilerde was mitigating the symptoms, but did not really help. After reading everything on the Net about diarrhea I assumed it was first caused by bacteria, maybe our “good” drinking water here in Cape Town and then a Candida overgrowth because the diarrhea came back or got worse as soon as I had eaten something sweet. Someone on the Net suggested freshly squeezed grapefruit juice as a Candida treatment. In the meantime I had lost 4 kg.  So, every day I squeezed two grapefruits and nourished a strong desire for salty potato chips and after 3 days the diarrhea was almost GONE. Since I try to avoid milk I chewed Lactobacillus reuteri tablets to re-establish a healthy gut.

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