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Little Ice Age coming?

First some, of course absolutely irrelevant, anecdotal evidence and a plea:

As a teenager I spent the summer at the public natural swimming pool of my home town. Every year the pool was officially opened to the public at the 1st of April.  Later when I was a student, the official season started 1st of June. 20 years later the municipality gave up. The summer usually occurred on an August weekend.  Since I like it warm I moved to Bavaria in 1986. During my first winter South of Munich the huge lake at my house was completely frozen for the first time in 18 years. The summers became shorter every year. In July of 1997 I had to turn the heating on. After living 15 years in Bavaria I moved to South Africa since I like it warm. Today, after 8 years, I am sitting here in the middle of December in long pants and a sweater. Therefore, I appeal to all those climate experts out there: PLEASE SPARE ME your BS about GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!

The Longest & Quietest Solar Magnetic Minimum in Recorded History:

The Travesty of Global Cooling: 12 years and counting

Let us hope it will be “little”…

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